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The letters you write are printed on paper in the patterns you choose, placed in the envelopes you choose, and delivered to recipients all over the world via USPS. Delivery is also made on Saturdays.

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About Us

Our website, which we established in 2012 to send our own letters, was loved by our friends and letters became our whole life. We put everything about the letter along with our love on our website. We are currently a company that sends letters all over the world from our New York-based office..

  • You can write and send letters from our website.
  • You Can Add Postcard
  • You Can Add Photos and Documents
  • You Can Send Letters Abroad
  • You can add books
  • Prices starting from 3 USD
  • Photo 1USD
  • Postcard 2 USD
  • 24 Hour Active Live Support
  • You can add PDF and WORD files
  • You Can Receive Letters with a Virtual Mailbox
  • You Can See Your Printed Letter Images
  • You can request editing for your letter.
  • You can withdraw your letters at the postal stage.
  • You can change the address of your letters at the mailing stage.
  • Free reshipping for returns originating from us
  • Refund guarantee for returns originating from us
  • We Accept Letters Via Whatsapp

Our Unique Services

You can write letters on beautifully patterned papers and send them online..

Letter to the Soldier

You can write a letter to our Soldier via our website and send it by attaching a picture and a postcard.

Letter to Your Loved Ones

Write a letter to your spouse, fiancee, friend, and all your loved ones.

Letter to Prison

By using our service, you can send letters to prison institutions not only in our country but also all over the world.

Our Unique Services
Letter Abroad

Use our service to write letters and send them with pictures and postcards to any organization anywhere in the world.

Virtual Mailbox

Even if you do not have a fixed address, you can receive and read your letters by logging into your account with our Virtual Mail service. Wherever you are in the world.

Photo Book Postcard

You can also send books, postcards and photographs along with the letter.

How it Works?

We print the letters you write on our website on paper in the patterns you choose. We put them in envelopes in the patterns you choose. We put the photos, postcards, and book in the same envelope and ship worldwide via USPS.

Write and send letters

You don't need to go to the post office. You don't need paper, pen or envelope. You can easily send letters on a ship, on holiday, at home or wherever you are in the world. You can choose beautiful patterned papers and envelopes.

Postcard image and envelope selection

Your pictures are printed on 10X15 quality photo paper and placed in an envelope. A large envelope measuring 17x25 is used. You can also write on the back of postcards.

Mailing Process

Until 17:00 on weekdays. Letters received before 12:00 on Saturdays will be sent on the same day. After sending, we notify you of all tracking information via SMS. You can track where and when your letter was delivered..

How it Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, you can write to our 24-hour live support line..

Frequently Asked Questions

When you add the contents to your cart, you can make the payment using a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or electronic funds transfer (EFT). Payments are processed using the IYZICO infrastructure, and encrypted payment is mandatory.

We dispatch letters written by 16:00 on weekdays the same day, and all tracking information is sent to your registered mobile phone number via SMS. With this information, you can track the delivery status of your letter, including its location, delivery time, and recipient. Additionally, when you log into your account and navigate to 'Sent Items,' clicking on the tool icon next to the desired letter opens the tracking page automatically.

Letters are posted to the entire world from New York.

All communications made on any social media platforms can be seen and read by those providing this service. However, it is never possible to allocate time or find it necessary to do so. Our sole focus is to deliver your cherished letters complete and on time. Please refrain from writing messages to the 'Cezaevinemektupgonder' team within your letters, as we are unable to see them. Users are responsible for any content within their letters, as we do not read them for offensive language or insults.

As a letter sender to the prison, we do not have a day off. 

Postage, shipping, and service fee is 117 TL.

Each page of a letter costs 3 TL.

High-quality photos in 10x15 dimensions are priced at 6.90 TL each.

Postcards are 10 TL each.

Book prices range from 79 to 500 TL.

For international shipping (sending outside of Turkey), the fee is 320 TL. The total amount varies based on added contents. For information on Turpex-type shipments, please contact our live support.

We have added this feature because our members who send letters frequently do not want to spend time on card payments at each payment stage. You can add balance whenever you want and complete the payment stage by simply clicking on 'Pay with Balance' without dealing with password or card details. You can add balance by making a bank transfer, EFT, or card payment.

Our members without a fixed address or residing abroad can utilize our Letter Writing Mailbox service. Relatives of these members send their letters to the Letter Writing address. Upon arrival, the letters are scanned and uploaded to the system, and you can read them through our panel. For more detailed information, you can reach out to our live support team or contact us via WhatsApp.

Yes. Letters are sometimes printed immediately after the order is placed, and sometimes a day later. During this period before printing, you can edit your letter. To do this, log in to your account and click on 'Sent Items'. If the 'Request Editing' button next to the relevant letter is active, you can use this option. Then wait for 5-10 minutes; your letter will return to 'Drafts'. Your payment will be refunded to your wallet account. Once you've finished editing, you can complete the letter again using the 'Pay with Balance' option. However, if the letter has already been printed and entered the mailing stage, editing will not be possible. In this case, the 'Request Editing' button will not be active anyway.

Yes. You can cancel the letters you've sent before they are delivered to the recipient. The cancellation process results in 3 different outcomes:

1- If the letter is still in the preparation stage, it will be cancelled, and you will receive a full refund of the amount paid.

2- If the letter has been prepared and a barcode number has been assigned, cancellation will result in a deduction from your payment.

3- If the letter is in the USPS mailing stage and has not yet been delivered to the recipient, cancellation is still possible, but no refund will be issued. In this case, the letter will be returned to the sender's address. Cancellations made during the USPS stage incur a fee, but this fee is covered by Letter Writing.

The letters you compose are printed on selected patterns of paper, enclosed in envelopes featuring your chosen designs, along with other contents like photographs and postcards, and delivered to recipients worldwide through postal services like USPS.

Yes. For example, if you've sent a letter but realized that the recipient's address was incorrect after it has been posted, you can apply to us for a change of address before the letter is sent to the wrong address and before it's stamped for return. In such cases, it may be possible to make the address change. There might be a fee involved for this process, usually around 15 TL. We'll have to confirm with USPS once the situation is reported to them. You can see the address change reflected on the inquiry page in the system.

Photos are printed in 13x18 dimensions. Printing is done on 270gram satin matte photo paper. Photos are placed inside envelopes. The higher the quality of the photos, the higher the quality of the printed photos.


Share your experiences with us and review the comments of our valued users..

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